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  • 23 bedded fully equipped Intensive Care Unit.
  • Twin Sharing Rooms have been started on 4th floor as B class with 18 Rooms with effect from 15th January 2013. The charges for bed is Rs 2000/- per day.


-Mr.Bhopalchand Mehta/p>

Best help.

- Mr.Bhopalchand Mehta

(3rd jun 2013)

Ms. Hemuben Patel

Everything Excellent, Keep It Up!!

Ms. Hemuben Patel

(15th June 2013)

-Ms. Sharifa Al-Rushadi

Nursing and Housekeeping service was Excellent .

- Ms. Sharifa Al-Rushadi

(12th feb 2013)

-Mrs.Urmilaben shah

Good work.

-Mrs.Urmilaben shah

(2 nd feb 2013)

Ms. Nina Sukhia

Our stay was comfortable.

-Ms. Nina Sukhia

(21st May 2013)

Ms. Madhuri Varde

Nursing care is Excellent.

-Ms. Madhuri Varde

(2nd Jan 2013)

Ms. Rashmi Jain

All service was excellent.

-Ms. Rashmi Jain

(17th Jan 2013)

Ms. Bhavya Jhaveri

All service was excellent.

-Ms. Bhavya Jhaveri

(21st Jan 2013)

Mr. Madhukar Pai

All the staff were very good.

-Mr. Madhukar Pai

(19th Jan 2013)

Health Tips

Follow the DASH Diet

Follow the DASH Diet

Dietary-Approches-To-Stop-Hypertension Diet is a dietary pattern developed by the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute (NHLBI) which helps to reduce the systolic and disystolic Blood pressure. DASH diet is rich in fruits, vegetables,  whole grain cereals, pulses, beans, low fat dairy products, meat, poultry, fish and nuts. This diet is restricted in sugar sweetened bevearges, red meat and added fats.

Say NO to Tobacco and Alcohol

Say NO to Tobacco and Alcohol.

The nicotine found in tobacco has adverse effects on our blood vessels and increases the risk of blood pressure, cholesterol and coronary artery diseases. Hence smoking of cigarettes, Cigars as well as eating pan or Gutka should be avoided. Excessive alcohol consumption increases the blood triglyceride levels in the body and hence increases the risk of high blood pressure and cardiac failure. Alcohol should be consumed in moderation that is one or two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women. Consumption of red wine which contains a compound called resveratrol  plays an active role in limiting the start and progression of atherosclerosis.

Exercise and be Physically Active.

Exercise and be Physically Active.

Exercise helps to reduce weight, blood pressure, and blood lipid levels. It also helps to increase the HDL cholesterol which is good cholesterol which transports the excess cholesterol out of the body.  Physical Activity helps in the reduction of weight which in turn helps to reduce the blood pressure as well as the blood cholesterol levels and promotes the pumping of the heart.

Keep your Blood Lipids under Control

Keep your Blood Lipids under Control

Keep your blood cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglyceride levels under control. High levels of these lipids in the blood over a long period of time leads to coronary heart disease. Consume high fibre, low fat diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Avoid dietary sources of cholesterol such as organ meats, egg yolks, prawns, shell fish, processed meat, butter and cheese.

Keep Your Blood Sugars under Control.

Keep Your Blood Sugars under Control.

Uncontrolled Blood sugars increases the risk of heart disease. Keep your sugars under control by consuming a high fibre, low fat diet. Consume Complex carbohydrates such as whole grain cereals, vegetables and fruits and avoid simple sugars in the form of refined products, cakes, pastries.